Chelsea Factory

Chelsea Factory wanted to leverage its creative content through an engaging video for a strategic social media campaign, propelling brand recognition and fostering broader audience engagement within the arts community.

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Our Process
New York, NY

Script Development Copywriting Post-Production, Editing, GFX Sound Design

Our Process


The challenge for the client lay in the inability of their previous sizzle reels to holistically and compellingly convey the organization's narrative, necessitating the utilization of existing content to craft a visually captivating video that would effectively articulate the entirety of their story.


Our meticulous process involved curating their extensive content library, crafting a tailored storyboard, presenting sample videos for feedback, editing footage to align with their preferences, and ingeniously engineering a custom background track using sounds from their original content, ensuring a uniquely resonant final video for the client.


We provided a captivating long-form video tailored for their website and YouTube platforms, complemented by two dynamic short-form videos strategically designed for maximum impact across diverse social media channels.

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