LRG + Duck Down Music

LRG embarked on a vibrant social media campaign to celebrate Duck Down Records' illustrious 25-year journey as an iconic NYC-based record label devoted to independence. Leveraging their enduring collaboration and deep relationship with Duck Down and its roster of artists, the campaign aimed to honor this milestone and amplify sales for the new merchandise line, uniting a shared history and commitment to longevity in the music industry.

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Our Process
Brooklyn, New York

Script Development Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX

Our Process


LRG faced the challenge of authentically capturing the essence of Buckshot, a Duck Down Records artist, within his home and neighborhood, seeking to create a genuine portrayal through both video and photography that truly reflected his persona and environment.


In close collaboration with LRG's creative team, we crafted interview questions for Buckshot, filming in his apartment among cherished LRG pieces, and orchestrated a neighborhood photoshoot with both Buckshot and a model, authentically capturing the vibrant local lifestyle.


Our process involved creating a captivating full-length video featuring Buckshot's compelling narrative for social media and producing retail-focused photos, catering to online storytelling and product promotion.

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