Mining Diamonds Podcast

"Mining Diamonds" is an entrepreneurial podcast series starring Jim Jones, Nakia Booth, and Gregory "Beef" Jones. It was initially conceived as a Clubhouse room and later licensed by United Masters, expanding its reach as a dynamic platform exploring entrepreneurship and success stories.

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Our Process
New York, New York

Script Development Copywriting Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX Sound Design Behind-The-Scenes Photography

Our Process


UnitedMasters' was challenged with launching a newly launched podcast platform in the market while effectively communicating their revolutionary artist-centered model, emphasizing 100% ownership of intellectual property, all within a lively, engaging dialogue around entrepreneurship and generational wealth.


Our collaboration with the UnitedMasters production team involved crafting a comprehensive content strategy, conceptualizing segments, guest booking, and delivering live and post-production services, complemented by creating bespoke theme music, all intricately woven together to shape the dynamic essence of the podcast.


We successfully produced a complete season comprising 8 full episodes tailored for distribution across diverse podcast networks, accompanied by the creation of succinct yet impactful short-form video clips optimized for social media engagement.

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