MLB All-Star Weekend

MLB hosted "The Bridge Presented by CEO Action for Diversity + Inclusion," a one-day activation during All-Star Weekend

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Our Process
Cleveland, Ohio

Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX Sound Design

Our Process


MLB wanted to spotlight its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives while reshaping the perception of baseball as an experiential choice steeped in culture and innovation, aiming to broaden its appeal among diverse audiences.


Our process began with close collaboration with MLB's DEI team, jointly developing the creative direction. Traveling to Cleveland, Ohio, we meticulously filmed a one-day activation, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the event's diverse elements, such as panels, artwork, and displays. Additionally, we captured compelling b-roll footage of the local area where various All-Star Weekend activities were unfolding, enriching the visual storytelling.


Our delivery included a comprehensive long-form video showcased on MLB's website, serving as a pivotal tool to spotlight the triumphant initiatives of the DEI team, both externally and internally, effectively amplifying the success and impact of the endeavor within and beyond the organization.

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