Natural Elements: This Is Not a Drill

Natural Elements, the legendary hip-hop group, sought to create a captivating music video to bolster the promotion of their latest single, "We Could Exist," aiming to encapsulate their signature style and narrative essence while engaging and expanding their fanbase.

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Our Process
New York, New York

Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX

Our Process


After a hiatus, NE needed to reestablish the group's presence, aiming to authentically capture their distinctive style while intricately weaving in the essence of various NYC neighborhoods, effectively reintroducing Natural Elements to their audience through a music video after years without releases.


We meticulously filmed the group across diverse NYC locales, capturing their essence in both daytime and evening settings, intertwining their narrative seamlessly with the city's vibrant backdrop.


Our delivery comprised a high-quality music video expertly crafted to encapsulate the group's essence. It was strategically tailored for premiering on YouTube and various social media platforms, ensuring a captivating presentation to engage their audience.

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