NEXUS Global 2022

NEXUS Global Summit 2022 marked a significant milestone as the first in-person gathering post the Covid-19 pandemic, representing the pinnacle event for NEXUS members, fostering collaboration and impactful discussions among global changemakers and thought leaders.

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Our Process
New York, New York

Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX

Our Process


NEXUS Global needed to comprehensively capture the essence of the three-day event, encapsulating plenaries, unique activations, and the overall vibrant atmosphere. The goal was to craft a compelling video showcasing the event's highlights and serving as a magnet for potential members, spotlighting the organization's ethos and allure.


Our approach involved engaging a compact camera crew to meticulously document the main event, ensuring multiple angles for the plenary discussions and comprehensive B-roll coverage of the various activities. Collaborating closely with the NEXUS Global team, we devised a content strategy to discern key speakers and elements to feature prominently in the final product, aligning with the overarching vision for the video.


Our delivery encompassed a compelling full-length video strategically deployed on the company website and YouTube channel, effectively encapsulating the event's essence. Additionally, we provided a series of over 18 focused videos highlighting select featured speakers, offering in-depth insights and augmenting the organization's content library for diverse distribution.

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