The NY Cannabis Retaile Association, formerly NY Caurd Coalition (NYCC), embarked on crafting a sizzle video for their debut event at the annual SOMOS conference. This milestone gathering aimed to celebrate the collaborative efforts between coalition members and locally elected officials, honoring their partnership within the burgeoning cannabis industry.

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Our Process
Albany, New York

Live Production Post-Production, Editing, GFX Sound Design

Our Process


NYCRA faced the challenge of encapsulating the vibrant energy and synergy between cannabis entrepreneurs and locally elected officials at their inaugural SOMOS event, aiming to distill the celebratory essence into a brand sizzle that resonated with their community-building efforts.


With an urgent request due to a last-minute cancellation by their initial camera crew, we traveled to Albany, NY, capturing event footage and conducting tailored interviews with key individuals identified by the NYCRA team. Also, we documented the event through still photography, contributing to the creation of a dynamic sizzle video aimed at elevating the organization's brand awareness.


Our delivery encompassed a vibrant sizzle reel, encapsulating the event's essence, strategically designed for dissemination across various social media platforms. Additionally, we provided impactful short-form videos spotlighting key members of the coalition, amplifying their voices and contributions within the cannabis community.

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