Pornnabis, a unique cannabis brand co-owned by adult entertainment stars with individual cannabis strains, aims to boost market presence and drive sales through a dedicated podcast. This podcast embodies the California lifestyle, intertwining elements of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, fostering engaging discussions among cultural influencers, adult entertainment stars, and music artists, aiming to elevate conversations and spotlight the brand's unique blend of culture and cannabis.

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Our Process
Los Angeles, California

Creative Campaign Development Script Development Live Action Production Behind-The-Scenes

Our Process


Pornnabis faces a significant challenge in marketing due to legal restrictions within the cannabis and adult entertainment industries, making it difficult to advertise its product or monetize sexually-oriented content. Their aim to craft a podcast targeting their audience while adhering to legal constraints and presenting a lifestyle appealing to a global audience.


We kicked things off with regular pre-production calls, ramping up to daily check-ins with the LA team for logistics. Our team traveled to LA, conducting b-roll shoots and capturing lifestyle content while orchestrating the live podcast production. On set, we liaised closely with the Director, overseeing the local crew and art department to facilitate a smooth execution, guiding the dynamic discussions between hosts and guests.


During a comprehensive two-day shoot, we produced four podcast episodes on set. Additionally, we allocated two more days to capture supplementary b-roll and lifestyle content, strategically intended for the brand's social media campaigns during the launch phase.

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