Seagrams Escapes + BET

This 15-second online video (OLV) was to portray Seagrams Escapes as an integral part of everyday life for an African American audience over 21, leveraging existing and additional stock photography on BET network.

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Our Process
New York, New York

Post-Production, Editing, GFX Sound Design

Our Process


Seagrams Escapes aimed to develop an advertisement specifically tailored for the African American audience over 21 by seamlessly integrating their product into everyday scenarios. While having limited existing assets featuring African American individuals, the objective was to craft an ad showcasing the product's effortless assimilation into the daily lives of this demographic.


We established the creative direction through collaboration with our agency and sourced stock photography and videos that aligned with the client's existing assets. We crafted original music to infuse vibrancy, curating a lively and energetic atmosphere for the video.


Meticulously blending these elements, we edited the footage to create a cohesive and compelling final production.

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